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Pacific Wildlife Project Wish List

Tax Payer ID#: 33-0219453

Below are items that are on our wish list. When possible, items are linked to online stores. Items can either be donated from what you may already have in your possession or conveniently purchased in bulk by clicking on either their pictures or titles below. Please contact us at the below phone number or email address regarding making a donation.

Pacific Wildlife Project

(949) 831-1178

If you find that any of the links below don't work, as the web pages that they are linked to may change at their companies discretion, feel free to send an email to the 'Copyright © 1986-2004 Pacific Wildlife Project, Inc. All rights reserved.' and specifiy which link it is. Your help is greatly appreciated in making sure that all of the links below work.


If your group or orgainization would like to have a scavenger hunt, then click here to download and print the wish list.

Paper Towels

Latex Gloves

Garbage Bags

 Zip Lock Bags


Cable Ties

Spray Bottles

Felt Markers

Old Mattress Pads

Old Baby Blankets

Old Towels

Heating Pads

Hand Warmers

Disposable Underpads 

Cloth Prefold Diapers

Feather Dusters

Laundry Detergent

Boxed Baby Cereal

Office Supplies

Baking Soda

Rubber Bath Mats

Small Baby Bottles (4 oz.)

Animal Carriers 
Clamp Light Fixture

Rubber Floor Mats

Eggcrate Foam Pads ( no smaller than 36" x 24" )
Scrub Pads


 Dish Soap

Note Pads

Cotton Swabs

Super Glue

First Aid Tape

Light Bulbs

Hose Nozzles

Hose Sprayers

Bottled Water

Dog Biscuits

Dry Puppy Food

Canned Dog Food

Canned Cat Food

Bird Seed

Cat Litter Pans




Vitamin E

SeaTabs Multi-Vitamins for Marine Mammals / Seabird Formula 

Dawn Dishwashing Soap

Low Iron Softbilled Bird Food



We accept medical item donations from licensed veterinarians.
Contact us at  

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