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AND Keep SOCAL ECO-conscious!

Restore Emerald sanctuary

Watch Our story to learn more

We historically provided a home to abandoned, orphaned, and disabled animals that had no where else to go. After contacting over 100 people in an attempt to find a new home for our hundreds of animals, nearly every rescue and sanctuary in Southern California is completely over-run, or facing closure. 

2023 was reportedly the biggest year of animal surrenders on record due to people not being able to take care of them any more due to either financial reasons, or from attacks from the government.

Zoning, permitting fees, and regulations have become so stifling, sanctuaries and rescues are being forced to close - especially in Los Angeles & Orange Counties.


There's no replacement for our service in our location. Right now, getting a new, properly zoned piece of land in this area is beyond what we can afford.

Unless we can secure our location, or fund a new one, thousands of animal lives will continue to be lost.

We don't have all the answers on how to solve this right now, but we have some ideas.




Help us save our original location. To do this, we need to;

- Do a land swap with OC Parks. 

- Secure the historic home on the adjacent property by helping to finance it.



Secure a new location, so that we can continue to provide services to lost abandoned and unwanted domestic and exotic animals. To do this, we need to;

- A grant or donation that would provide permanent access to a properly zoned piece of land.

- Additional funding to help move animals, build new structures, secure all necessary permits, etc.



In trying to save our 50 year old sanctuary & garden from government destruction, we uncovered a much bigger problem...

Animals are being driven out of Southern California.

Professional animal caretakers are being persecuted.

Things need to change NOW before the animals are gone.

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