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If you're having an animal emergency, please call our helpline directly;


949 - 831-1178

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Support Pacific Wildlife Project's


Help us continue to provide
award-winning, life-saving care to our wildlife & environment.



Thank you to everyone who supported the Petition Campaign last summer. There is still work that needs to be done ...

We will keep you posted as the results become clear!


"No other shelter in Orange County services the
same wide range of species"

Our services are recognized by ...

  • U.S. Department of the Interior USFWS Special Recognition Award

  • Disneyland Community Service Environmental Award

  • Disneyland Orange County Community Service Award

  • Los Angeles S.P.C.A. Special Achievement Award

  • L.I.F.E. Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

  • National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Nautical Heritage Society Award of Ancient Mariner

  • Orange County Animal Services Special Recognition

  • Pet Place Special Recognition

  • Thomas F. Riley, O.C. Board of Supervisors Certificate of Appreciation

  • O.C. Volunteer Center California Award

  • CA Department of Fish & Game Certificate of Appreciation

One of our proudest but most challenging moments came when we successfully responded to the 7-year botulism outbreak that threatened the extinction of California's brown spotted pelicans.

Donate to support our facility so we can continue to provide award-winning, life-saving care to our planet's most vulnerable members. Independent animal sanctuaries are a
MUST to help stop the eco-crisis and prevent extinctions before they happen.

Community Buzz


We believe prevention is the best solution to problems - and prevention comes from an educated public.

Our current programs include workshops for;
+ Non-toxic and sustainable living
+ Eco-conscious building solutions

+ Restoring habitats
+ Fostering native, fire-resistant, food forest & pollinator gardens
+ Beach clean-ups
+ Easy ways to reduce everyday impact on the environment. 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pacific Wildlife Project and Kris on a couple of occasions. There have been birds that have gotten strung up badly with fishing line where I live.

I reached out to the organization and was always called back instantly and met by Kris who has gone above and beyond in order to help and protect our wildlife. Without Kris they would have sustained long term injuries if not a loss of life due to careless human actions.

Kris and his sanctuary are a priceless and necessary asset of our community, county, state and to the countless animals he helps on a daily basis. There needs to be a place and there need to be people who counter-act the damage caused by man. To have a gem of a safe haven for the conservation and protection of all the creatures we share our planet with is of the utmost importance.

I couldn’t imagine, like many others; not having The Pacific Wildlife Project to call upon during times of need.

Thank you so much for everything you guys do."

Lake Forest, CA

A Priceless & Necessary Asset of Our Community

"The Emerald Sanctuary is one of a kind. I have transported sea birds lost and injured in the Eastern Sierra to Kris. He has rehabbed and released at least several of the birds. This is a gem and treasure that the community and county should be supporting."

Rosie G.

Gem & Treasure

"I am a friend of Kris and have witnessed the devotional love and care he provides these animals first hand. The attention to detail is mind-blowing. He even custom-made each enclosure with tree-shaped doors and beautiful colors. 


He has a connection with each and every animal - providing a sanctuary and rehabilitation for creatures that would otherwise be forgotten or neglected. [...]

Projects like this are what represent the original spirit of Laguna Beach and it needs the city's support now. "

Laguna Beach 

Original Spirit of Laguna Beach

"I first met Kris 33 years ago when he visited our family-run wildlife refuge in Queensland, Australia. His compassion and genuineness shone through about the welfare of animals and was eager to learn all he could about caring for our wildlife.

Even Mother Teresa recognized his love and compassion and invited him to work alongside her for several months.

This is the man who takes in the unloved, the hurt and vulnerable, the orphaned and the ugly animals when other people turn a blind eye to their plight. It is vitally important to save these animals and refuge.

The big question is “Where else and who else will take on these animals?”

Certainly not the authorities! Their solution is euthanasia.

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

Penny B.


Small Things with Great Love

"Hello, I am a French citizen and I had the chance to visit Emerald Sanctuary for the first time when I was around 7, so approximately 20 years ago.


For me, as a child, it was my first experience with learning the logistics of caring for an animal other than a cat. 

That is was a real duty and what could happen when people did not take responsibility anymore. Apart from the joy and novelty of discovering different animals, it was a life lesson on care, responsibility and selflessness. [...]


I wish for many more children and adults to learn all this and more. I wish for many more animals to find a safe place like this one. "


Than you Kris for lighting up my childhood, 


Lighting Up My Childhood


Educate the Next Generation

This sanctuary and community are the types of efforts that make Laguna Beach special. We care about animals that don’t have anywhere else to go and allow them to live a comfortable life out in nature as intended. This sanctuary was helped by John Cunningham, who started PMMC - another great animal rescue. Please help preserve this park and keep it available for these animals and the Laguna Beach community.

How beautiful would it be to bring my five years old here to see these worldly animals just as he has visited PMMC to see how we can care for sick sea animals, rehab them, and send them back to the ocean. I want to educate my child and the next generation to care for animals - old, sick or healthy. 

Lili M.
Laguna Beach Native
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